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Who We Are

The William B. Crawley Great Lives Series brings renowned biographers to the Mary Washington campus to speak on “Great Lives” – those who have influenced history or culture in a significant way. Since 2004, Mary Washington has hosted lectures on politicians, authors, celebrities, musicians, artists, and even some fictional icons – including Harry Potter,  Frankenstein, and Sherlock Holmes. Each lecture attracts between 500 and 1,000 patrons and concludes with an audience Q&A session and speaker book-signing.







Why We Need Your Support

The Great Lives Series has been free since its inception – and we need your help to keep it that way.  The series recovers none of its costs through admission fees and exists solely to enrich the Fredericksburg and Mary Washington communities. The series makes prominent speakers and international scholars accessible to UMW students and community residents in a way that would be impossible without donor support.






How Your Gift Will Help

Your gift will create an unprecedented intellectual opportunity for UMW students and area residents. Your support ensures the series attracts the highest quality speakers including Pulitzer Prize winning authors, biographers, and professors. The 2020 series kicked off on January 21st, 2020 with a lecture on Ronald Reagan.



Mary Louise Holmes '97 Challenge for 1,908 gifts
When we reach 1,908 gifts, in honor of our founding year, Mary Louise Holmes '97 will make a gift of $5,000 to the Fund for Mary Washington. Make your gift today and help us reach 1,908 gifts to unlock an additional $5,000!
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Philo Funk Rosenfeld ’72, 3000 Gifts Challenge
When we reach our goal of 3,000 gifts on Mary Wash Giving Day, Philo Funk Rosenfeld ‘72 will make a gift of $5,000 to the Fund for Mary Washington . Make your gift today and help us reach 3,000 gifts to unlock an additional $5,000!
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Young Alumni Council New Donor Challenge
When 150 young alumni (classes of 2010-2019) make their first-ever gift to UMW, the members of the Young Alumni Council will make a $1,500 gift to the Fund for Mary Washington! Be one of the 150 to unlock this challenge!
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Class of 2020 Challenge
Vice President for Advancement and University Relations Lisa Jamison Bowling '89 is issuing a challenge to the senior class. When 100 gifts are received from members of the Class of 2020 on Mary Wash Giving Day, Lisa will give $1,000 to the Fund for Mary Washington.
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The Great Lives Match
Russell and Barbara Stone Mait '79 are issuing a challenge to all supporters of the William B. Crawley Great Lives Lecture Series: Make a gift to Great Lives on Mary Wash Giving Day and they will match it dollar-for-dollar up to $2,000.  If this match is completed by the start of the evening’s Great Lives lecture at 7:30pm, an additional $500 will be unlocked for a total of $2,500 to Great Lives. This is your chance to double your impact when you support Great Lives on Giving Day!
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Farrell First-Time Donor Challenge
Lynne ’62 and Paul Farrell are issuing a special challenge to inspire new donors to support Mary Washington. If we receive gifts from 1,000 first-time donors on Giving Day, we will unlock the Farrells’ $10,000 gift to the Fund for Mary Washington! This is the most ambitious Giving Day goal we have ever set, and we’re counting on our new donors—alumni, parents, students, family members, faculty, staff, and friends of the University—to unlock this challenge gift! Gifts of all amounts count toward the challenge—just be sure to select "Yes" when asked if this is your first-ever gift to the University when you make your gift!
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Margaret Birch '79 New Donor Challenge
When 250 alumni make their first-ever gift to UMW, a gift of $2,500 to the Fund for Mary Washington will be unlocked from alumna Margaret Birch '79. Alumni, make your first-ever gift and help unlock an additional $2,500 for our students!
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Lee ’04 and Karli Murray ’05 Married Alumni Challenge:
When 50 gifts are received from alumni who are married to other alumni, Lee and Karli will give $1,000 to the Fund for Mary Washington! Married alumni, make your gift to any area to help unlock an extra $1,000 to benefit students!
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Dr. Theresa and Dr. Bill Crawley 70’s Challenge
Dr. Theresa Young Crawley ‘77 and Dr. William B. Crawley, Jr. are challenging alumni from the 1970s! If 100 alumni from the 1970s make a gift on Mary Wash Giving Day, it will unlock a $25,000 gift from the Crawleys to support scholarships at Mary Washington.  Make your gift today and help increase the impact of your gift!
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