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UMW Libraries constitute the knowledge center of the university — a physical and virtual manifestation of the institution’s mission of developing one’s academic and professional interests and in practicing the habits of mind necessary for life-long learning. It is here that patrons find the resources and services necessary to have connected and engaged learning and research experiences.  These experiences enhance and help UMW patrons accomplish their goals. 


UMW Libraries work hard to maximize the many benefits the library provides for the UMW community, from our textbook lending program to providing research assistance.  With your generous help over the last few years, we have used Giving Day funds to begin updating and modernizing the library’s physical spaces and purchasing equipment to preserve and house the history of UMW for future generations.  Simpson Library is used extensively, and after 30 years there are areas that need a facelift. Therefore, we have made it our goal to improve those areas! To accomplish this goal, we rely on your generosity from Giving Day donations to improve the students’ surroundings and purchase needed items. 






Your funds accomplished this!  


  • Created Sunrooms on the third floor with comfortable chairs, charging stations, and murals that allow our patrons to recharge and relax. 
  • Purchased a high-resolution DSLR camera for digital projects, preservation needs, and instruction. 
  • Updated the library’s study rooms by replacing worn furniture and providing additional outlets for charging devices.    
  • Purchased flat-file cabinets for improved collection storage of historical materials. 


We plan to use this year’s funds to acquire additional furniture and equipment to update and modernize the library’s spaces and services.  By giving to UMW Libraries, you help all who come to Mary Washington achieve their goals. 


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