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The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) is the heart and soul of UMW. Our 19 academic departments and 200+ faculty offer over 30 cutting-edge majors that incorporate contemporary issues such as diversity, digital fluency, service, and social justice.


Because UMW receives less than a quarter of its budget from the Commonwealth of Virginia, we need your help to remain competitive in providing high-impact education for our students. Such practices extend the education beyond the walls of the classroom. But these activities involve extra time, commitment, and expense if they are to succeed, which is why we need your help. Students who engage in high-impact learning programs are more satisfied with their education and graduate at higher rates than students who did not have such experiences. Isn’t that worth doing for as many students as possible?

Achieving the best return on our high-impact practices means we need to provide more scholarships, better faculty support, and more options for internships, undergraduate research, and service learning. Your gift will help us achieve those goals.


If you wish to designate an academic department, your gift will support programs in that department. An unrestricted gift to CAS will support expanded opportunities for all our students. With your support, we will be able to expand support for the very popular Arab Culture Night, a soon-to-be open Zen Garden, a High School Calculus Tournament, the Summer Science Institute, and a Japanese Outreach Initiative bringing Japanese educational and cultural programming to campus next year.


Your private gift will enable our innovative programs to reach more students than would otherwise be possible. Please help us reach our objective to deliver high quality arts and sciences programming and make UMW truly be, in President’s Paino’s words, “an investment of hope for the future.”

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