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College of Arts & Sciences has raised $ 76,619 from 586 gifts!
College of Arts & Sciences
Support the College of Arts & Sciences on #MaryWashDay

The College of Arts & Sciences (CAS) is the heart and soul of UMW. Our 19 academic departments and 200+ faculty offer over 30 cutting-edge majors that incorporate contemporary issues such as diversity, digital fluency, service, and social justice.


Because UMW receives less than a quarter of its budget from the Commonwealth of Virginia, we need your help to remain competitive in providing high-impact education for our students. Such practices extend the education beyond the walls of the classroom. But these activities involve extra time, commitment, and expense if they are to succeed, which is why we need your help. Students who engage in high-impact learning programs are more satisfied with their education and graduate at higher rates than students who did not have such experiences. Isn’t that worth doing for as many students as possible?

Achieving the best return on our high-impact practices means we need to provide more scholarships, better faculty support, and more options for internships, undergraduate research, and service learning. Your gift will help us achieve those goals.


If you wish to designate an academic department, your gift will support programs in that department. A gift designated to the College of Arts and Sciences will support expanded opportunities for all of our students. 


With your support, we will be able to expand support for the very popular Arab Culture Night, a soon-to-be open Zen Garden, a High School Calculus Tournament, the Summer Science Institute, and a Japanese Outreach Initiative bringing Japanese educational and cultural programming to campus next year.


Your gift will enable our innovative programs to reach more students than would otherwise be possible. Please help us reach our objective to deliver high quality arts and sciences programming and make UMW truly be, in President’s Paino’s words, “an investment of hope for the future.”

College of Arts & Sciences Donors
Rank State Donors
1 VA 348
2 MD 32
3 DC 23
Littlefield Geography Match
Keith '79 and Ellen Littlefield '79 are matching all gifts to the Geography Alumni Scholarship (College of Arts and Sciences).
$10,000 MATCHED
Steve Hampton Psychology Match
8 a.m. Update: Steve is overwhelmed by your support--thank you! He decided to raise his match amount to $7,000, so gifts to the Psychology department are STILL being matched! ----- Retired Professor Steve Hampton will match all gifts to the Psychology department (College of Arts and Sciences), up to $7,000.
$7,000 MATCHED
Jack and Mary Lou Kramer Political Science Match
Professor Jack Kramer and his wife Mary Lou will match all gifts to the Political Science department (College of Arts and Sciences), up to $1,908.
$1,908 MATCHED
Picnic with Geographers Match
Geography Professor Steve Hanna will match gifts to the Geography Alumni Scholarship, up to $150 total, between noon and 2 p.m.
Physical Lab Time with Joe and Jackie Match
Geography Associate Professors Jackie Gallagher and Joe Nicholas will match gifts to the Geography Alumni Scholarship between 2 and 5 p.m., up to $300 total.
Evening in the Cart Lab Match
John Goolgasian '92 will match gifts to the Geography Alumni Scholarship between 6 and 8 p.m., up to $200 total.
Biking with Sammy T through Europe Match
Jeff Rountree '91 will match gifts to the Geography Alumni Scholarship between 4 and 6 p.m., up to $200.
Dick Palmieri's World Regional Geography Class Match
Be alert! It's time for Dick Palmieri's World Regional Geography Class! Geography Professor Dawn Bowen will match gifts from 8 to 9 a.m., up to $100.
Karen Laino Giannuzzi '71 College of Arts & Sciences Match
Full match unlocked! Thank you!
$5,000 / $5,000 Raised
College of Arts & Sciences Participation Challenge
Challenge MET! $2,000 unlocked for the College of Arts and Sciences!
200 / 200 Gifts
Alumni Board 'Go for a Grand' Challenge
WE DID IT! 1,000 Gifts from Alumni = $10,000 to the Fund for Mary Washington from the Alumni Board! Thank you!
1,000 / 1,000 Gifts
Virginia Colwell Read 1908 Challenge
WE MADE IT! Thank you, everyone, for helping reach 1,908 gifts in honor of Mary Washington's founding year! You made this a record-breaking day for Mary Washington and made a huge difference for UMW students and programs!
1,908 / 1,908 Gifts
Young Alumni A.M. Challenge
Challenge MET! Thank you, Classes of 2008-2017! You unlocked $2,500 for the Fund for Mary Washington!
100 / 100 Gifts
Young Alumni Happy Hour Challenge
If 50 gifts are received from the Classes of 2008-2017 between 4 and 8 p.m., the Young Alumni Council will give $1,000 to the Fund for Mary Washington.
50 / 50 Gifts
Barry Family Match for UMW Parents
Thank you, parents! The full $9,000 match has been met!
$9,000 / $9,000 Raised
Alumni Student Leader 2-for-1 Match
A group of alumni who served as Mary Washington student leaders will match gifts from students with a 2-for-1 gift to the Fund for Mary Washington, tripling their impact. Sponsored by Gwen Amory Cumming '52, Patti Boise Kemp '69, Jane Jackson Woerner '69, Kathi O'Neill '70, Trenda Powell Jacocks '82, Lee Ann Reaser '98, Jay Sinha '07, Jennifer Crystle '13, and Whitney Kiper '14.
$3,750 / $3,750 Raised
Class of 1968 "6 to 8" Match
Class of 1968, make a gift to any designation between 6 and 8 a.m. or 6 and 8 p.m. and Kathy Nagy Schabacker '68 and her husband Dennis will match it with an equal gift to the Amphitheatre restoration.
$2,500 / $2,500 Raised
Participation Leaderboard
Top areas of support by number of gifts
Rank Area of Support Gifts
1 UMW Athletics 809
2 College of Arts & Sciences 585
3 Fund for Mary Washington 452
4 UMW Theatre 375
5 Other 143
6 College of Business 127
7 Campus Recreation 102
8 College of Education 80
9 UMW Libraries 42
10 James Monroe Museum 41
11 Gari Melchers Home and Studio 30
12 UMW Galleries 19
Dollars Raised Leaderboard
Top areas of support by dollars raised
Rank Area of Support Raised
1 UMW Athletics $86,600.56
2 Fund for Mary Washington $73,657.03
3 College of Arts & Sciences $49,736.75
4 UMW Theatre $40,642.12
5 Other $36,804.08
6 College of Business $17,423.08
7 UMW Libraries $6,445.00
8 James Monroe Museum $5,430.00
9 College of Education $4,594.00
10 Campus Recreation $2,987.25
11 Gari Melchers Home and Studio $2,070.00
12 UMW Galleries $1,835.00
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