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What is Campus Recreation? 

Campus Recreation creates opportunities for the UMW community to work, play, and thrive. Our wide range of programs allow users to develop lifelong skills and create personalized tool-kits for wellness.


Why do we need your support? 

Participating in enjoyable physical activity promotes academic success, increases productivity, and improves overall mental health. 70% of UMW students are successfully and proactively managing stress, building social connections, and improving their physical well-being through a Campus Recreation activity.


How will your gift help students? 

With your help, we can improve the quality of the experience for existing users and increase student engagement. Your gifts will contribute to the continuation of safe recreational facilities, updated equipment, and diverse programming.

  • Turf Field Improvements: The Campus Recreation turf field serves more than ten of UMW’s sport club teams, a variety of intramural sports, and numerous athletic events. The field is utilized for over thirty hours each week and requires updates for safety and durability. Your gift will help Campus Recreation pay for the turf replacement project, which is estimated at $450,000.
  • Fitness Equipment Replacement and Maintenance: To best serve our active Eagles, Campus Recreation will be replacing the cardio machines in the Fitness Center this summer. With over 40 machines ranging from $4,000 to $8,000 each, your gift is very important to this project!



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