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Jay and Miriam's 540 Challenge
Show your love for the 540 (F'burg's area code, in case you forgot)! Jay Sinha '07 and Miriam McCue '16 are calling on their fellow alums (pun intended) to give on Giving Day. If we reach 540 gifts by 9:00 a.m., we will unlock their $1,540 gift to UMW. Get up early with Jay and Miriam and ANSWER THE CALL by making your morning gift!
540 Gift Goal
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Susan Leavitt ’83 1,000-Gift Challenge:
Let’s go for a grand by lunchtime! If we hit our target of 1,000 gifts by noon on Giving Day, a $3,000 challenge gift to the Fund for Mary Washington from Susan Leavitt ‘83 will be unlocked.
1,000 Gift Goal
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Mary Louise Holmes '97 Challenge for 1,908 gifts
if we reach 1,908 gifts, in honor of our founding year, by 5 p.m., Mary Louise Holmes '97 will make a gift of $5,000 to the Fund for Mary Washington. Make your gift today and help us reach 1,908 gifts to unlock an additional $5,000!
1,908 Gift Goal
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Strassheim 3,000 Gift Challenge
Robert J. '96 and Sarah Gildersleeve Strassheim '01 have been Mary Wash Giving Day supporters since the very beginning! This year, they’re challenging everyone who loves Mary Washington to join them in giving back. If we reach our goal of 3,000 gifts on Giving Day, Rob and Sarah will give $9,000 to support the Fund for Mary Washington and student scholarships – AND they will pledge an additional $36,000 in the coming years. When you make a gift of any amount to any area on Giving Day, you will put us one step closer to unlocking the Strassheim Challenge, multiplying your impact for UMW students!
3,000 Gift Goal
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Young Alumni Gift Challenge
When we receive 300 gifts from young alumni donors (graduates of 2011-2020) to any area, the Young Alumni Council (YAC) will unlock a gift of $1,000 to the Fund for Mary Washington. If we receive 600 gifts YAC will unlock an additional $2,000 to the Fund for Mary Washington for a total of $3,000. Graduates of the Last Decade, increase the impact of your gift with this challenge!
300 Gift Goal
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Adenan Devil-Goat Challenge
Abas ’85 and Eileen Brown Adenan ’88 are taking their Devil-Goat rivalry to a new level. If more Goats (alumni of even class years) make Giving Day gifts than Devils (alumni of odd years), Abas will make a $2,500 gift to the area Eileen chooses. If more Devils participate than Goats, Eileen will give $2,500 to the area Abas chooses. Watch the Devil-Goat Leaderboard throughout the day to track the competition live!
Women’s Lacrosse 5k Match
An anonymous donor will match all gifts made to Friends of Women’s Lacrosse dollar for dollar up to $5k. Double the impact of your gift by supporting women’s lacrosse today!
Women’s Volleyball 10k Goal Challenge
If the Women’s Volleyball team hits their fundraising goal for the year of $10,000 (currently at $6,405), an anonymous donor will unlock an additional gift of $1,000. Help Women’s Volleyball reach their goal and increase your impact today!
$3,595 Goal
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Men’s Rugby Challenge
When Men’s Rugby receives 50 gifts on April 13, Cedar Shakes and Shingles will unlock a gift of $300! Support Men’s Rugby today to increase the impact of your gift!
50 Gift Goal
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Irene Roberts ’86 Women’s Basketball Challenge
If Women’s Basketball receives 8 gifts by 3pm from her fellow 80’s alumni (1980-1989) Irene will unlock a $1,000 gift to Women’s Basketball. 80’s alumni, increase the impact of your gift today!
8 Gift Goal
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Women’s Soccer 20 Alumni Challenge
When Women’s Soccer receives 20 gifts from alumni Carey Riordan Burke ’95 and other Friends of Women’s Soccer will unlock a total gift of $1000. Alumni, increase your impact with your women’s soccer gift today!
20 Gift Goal
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Say YES to UMW Field Hockey in our coaches YES Day Challenge
It's YES Day for the coaches. For every $500 raised, Coach Harris and Coach Heppner must say "YES" to the requests of their student athletes. A few sprints on the field? Cupcakes? Crazy hair? A lip sync battle?......Join the challenge to support these young athletes and see what the coaches can do. #GoWash
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