Cedric B. Rucker '81 S.O.S. Fund

After 32 years of service to Mary Washington, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs & Dean of Student Life Cedric Rucker is retiring in May 2022. Cedric graduated in 1977 from John Marshall High School in Richmond. He is recognized as the first African-American residential male to graduate from Mary Washington. He received a BA in sociology from Mary Washington in 1981 and a master's degree from UVA in 1983. He returned to Mary Washington in 1989 to begin a decades-long career in student life. He is known around campus for his bowties, sweaters, annual Winnie the Pooh costume, his scooter, and his unique laugh. He has been a mentor to many and has become a central figure during commencement ceremonies. Funds from this endowment in “Support of our Students” will be used as needed to support students with unexpected and life-altering emergencies.

Class of 1972 Dr. Michael Bass Scholarship

To honor Dr. Michael Bass, Professor Emeritus of Biology and Environmental Science and class sponsor, the Class of 1972 is working to fund a scholarship that will create opportunities for talented students with financial need to pursue undergraduate research in the sciences.

First Generation Scholarship

First-generation students are more likely to be low-income, represent communities of color, and arrive at college with fewer resources than their peers. About one-third of UMW's undergraduates are first-generation students. This new scholarship aims to help first-gen. students succeed on their educational journey.

General Scholarship Fund

Nearly $2 million in donor-funded scholarships are awarded to more than 500 Mary Washington students each year. Yet the need for financial assistance is much greater. Nearly half of all undergraduates qualify for need-based aid. Many of these students would not be able to afford a college education without the support of the University's generous donors. Your gift to the General Scholarship Fund will help at-risk students stay in school, take on less debt, and graduate on time. If you would prefer to designate your gift to a specific scholarship, please choose "Other" on the donation form and note the name of the scholarship in the text box provided. 

The General Scholarship Fund is used to augment other sources of financial aid. It gives us the flexibility to help students who are most vulnerable, those facing a financial crisis, or who need extra support. 

Kenneth L. Steen Scholarship

UMW alumni, friends and coworkers wish to honor the memory of Ken Steen, who served as Associate Vice President of Advancement and Alumni Relations at Mary Washington from 2007 through 2022. Donations currently are being accepted to create an endowed scholarship in his name to provide educational and experiential opportunities for students with financial need. 

Technology Assistance Fund 

During the pandemic, the University received CARES ACT funding to help support student's technology needs to ensure they were able to fulfill their course schedule and succeed. While the CARES ACT funding was greatly utilized, we know that this source of funding will not be here in future years, but the need will remain. Your gift to the Technology Assistance Fund helps eliminate the gap in access for students, equalizing their opportunity to perform at their highest potential. The fund may assist students through a number of solutions, including the following:

  • Internet access for remote students
  • Access to specialized software
  • Personal wifi or hotspots to ensure consistent internet access for coursework
  • The student laptop loan program

Gifts supporting our Technology Assistance Fund will make it possible for these students to successfully finish their course material.

Susan Leavitt ’83 1,000-Gift Challenge
Thank you to Susan Leavitt '83 and all of our donors! Let’s go for a grand! If we hit our target of 1,000 gifts by 1pm on Giving Day, a $3,000 challenge gift to the Fund for Mary Washington from Susan Leavitt ‘83 will be unlocked.
1,000 / 1,000 Gifts
Stough Family 250 New Donor Challenge sponsored by Michael ’86, Susan ’85 and Carolyn 2020
Thank you to the Stough Family and our first-time donors! When 250 individuals make their first-ever gift to the University of Mary Washington, the Stough Family will make a gift of $2,500 to the Fund for Mary Washington. Make your first-ever gift and help us unlock an additional $2,500 for our students!
250 / 250 Donors
Dan and Anne Steen Devil/Goat Challenge
Dan ’84 and Anne Steen ’83 are taking their Devil-Goat rivalry to a new level. If more Goats (alumni of even class years) make Giving Day gifts than Devils (alumni of odd years), Anne will make a $2,500 gift to the area Dan chooses. If more Devils participate than Goats, Dan will give $2,500 to the area Anne chooses. Watch the Devil-Goat Leaderboard throughout the day to track the competition live!
Are you a Devil or a Goat?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Goat 663
2 Devil 625
James Llewellyn Challenge for the 80s
Thank you James Llewellyn '87 and our 80s donors! James Llewellyn '87 wants to get in on the action too! He will match Mark Ingrao's $2,000 for a total of $4,000 to support UMW students and programs when we receive 80 gifts of $100 or more from members of the 80s! Members of 1980-1989 make your gift today and increase the impact of your gift!
80 / 80 Gifts
First Generation Scholarship Match
Thank you Trenda and first-generation scholarship award supporters! Trenda Powell Jacocks '82 will match all gifts to the First Generation Scholarship award, up to $5,000! Help make the Mary Washington experience possible for first-generation students with your gift today!
$5,000 MATCHED
Giving Day Donor Leaderboard
See which area will bring in the most donors!
Rank Department Donors
1 Athletics 584
2 College of Arts and Sciences 491
3 UMW Theatre 282
4 Fund for Mary Washington 229
5 Cedric B. Rucker '81 S.O.S. Fund 84
#TogetherUMW Participation Leaderboard
When all groups of the Mary Wash community band together we can do amazing things.
Affiliation with UMW
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Alumni 1,340
2 Other/Friend of UMW 330
3 Parent of a current student 301
4 Current faculty/staff 275
5 Parent of an alum 133
6 Current student (Senior) 51
7 Retired faculty/staff 50
8 Current student (non-senior) 49
Class Year Total Leaderboard
Which class year will raise the most funds?
UMW Class Year
Rank Answer Amount
1 1969 $21,800.00
2 1971 $16,070.00
3 1968 $13,318.00
4 1981 $12,450.00
5 1982 $10,890.00
6 1977 $10,200.00
7 1997 $8,875.00
8 1976 $8,585.00
9 1970 $7,775.00
10 2007 $7,520.00
11 1995 $7,110.00
12 1994 $6,997.50
13 1993 $6,325.00
14 1974 $6,075.00
15 1964 $6,050.00
Scholarships and Student Assistance Leaderboard
Track how much is being raised for student support!
Rank Fund Designation Raised
1 Kenneth L. Steen Scholarship $11,070.00
2 Cedric B. Rucker '81 S.O.S. Fund $7,195.00
3 First Generation Scholarship $6,550.00
4 General Scholarship Fund $6,520.00
5 Class of 1972 Dr. Michael Bass Scholarship $2,775.00
Lynda White '71 Challenge for 1,908 gifts
Thank you Lynda White '71 and our donors! If we reach 1,908 gifts by 5pm, in honor of our founding year, Lynda White '71 will make a gift of $5,000 to Mary Washington. Make your gift today and help us reach 1,908 gifts to unlock an additional $5,000!
Brenda Franklin '72 Senior Class Challenge
Thank you Brenda and our senior class donors! Brenda Franklin '72, is celebrating her 50th reunion this year and is challenging the senior class, Class of 2022. If 50 seniors make a gift to any area on Giving Day, Brenda will unlock a $2,500 gift to the Fund for Mary Washington. Seniors, make a gift today and increase the impact of your gift!
50 / 50 Gifts
Mark Ingrao ’81 Challenge for the 80s
Thank you Mark Ingrao '81 and our 80s donors! Movies, music, fashion – everything was great in the 80s. Help make Mary Washington Giving Day just as great with your gift to support students and programs. If UMW receives 80 gifts of $100 or more from any of the 80s class members, it will unlock a challenge gift of $2,000 from Mark Ingrao ’81. Help keep the 80s in the spotlight!
80 / 80 Gifts
Cedric B. Rucker ’81 S.O.S Endowment Match
Thank you to our sponsors and all Endowment donors! The UMW Alumni Association will match all gifts made to the Cedric B. Rucker ’81 S.O.S. Endowment dollar-for-dollar up to $5,000. Double your impact and support students in need by making your gift on Tuesday, April 5!
$5,000 MATCHED
Giving Day Gift Leaderboard
Which fund will achieve the most gifts?
Rank Fund Designation Gifts
1 UMW Theatre 333
2 Fund for Mary Washington 249
3 Men's Rugby 88
4 Cedric B. Rucker '81 S.O.S. Fund 85
5 CAS Beyond the Classroom Endowment 76
Giving Day Dollar Leaderboard
Which fund will raise the most dollars?
Rank Fund Designation Raised
1 Fund for Mary Washington $77,698.99
2 UMW Theatre $28,513.72
3 CAS Beyond the Classroom Endowment $25,755.00
4 Men's Tennis $13,735.00
5 English - Carlton R. Lutterbie, Jr. Scholarship $13,275.00
#TogetherUMW Dollars Raised Leaderboard
When all groups of the Mary Wash community band together we can do amazing things.
Affiliation with UMW
Rank Answer Amount
1 Alumni $306,993.83
2 Parent of a current student $57,116.00
3 Other/Friend of UMW $40,531.32
4 Current faculty/staff $28,613.50
5 Parent of an alum $16,800.00
6 Retired faculty/staff $15,475.00
7 Current student (Senior) $2,220.22
8 Current student (non-senior) $1,088.00
Class Year Gift Total Leaderboard
Which class year will have the most gifts?
UMW Class Year
Rank Answer Gifts
1 2014 49
2 2019 40
3 1994 39
4 1995 38
5 1977 36
6 2005 35
7 1982 35
8 2020 34
9 2015 33
10 1998 32
11 1983 30
12 2018 30
13 2017 29
14 2007 29
15 2006 28
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